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  60 km   1580 m   4 h










SLOVENIAN TRANSALP - crossing of Pohorje in a day


In the bikers' world Transalp means a crossing of the central massive of the Alps by bike. It takes four or more days and it is ridden by bike in one way and by train on the return. Slovenian Alps are generally not suitable for a proper MTB riding. But Pohorje, which is a medium height mountain range, is very much suitable.


Described crossing of Pohorje is interesting, because of using funicular to ascent Pohorje and then only spending energy on crossing it. The return is by train or bus. In this way, it is possible to carry out the crossing in a day, which is impressive comparing to several days' hike. Using the funicular means also beginning of riding at the elevation of 1000 m above sea level. But the best of all is wild nature, deep pine forests, open grassland and interesting trails with some nice technical sections.


Suggested crossing of Pohorje does not cover the complete crossing from Maribor to Dravograd. It ends at Ribniska koca (koca = a hut) and then descends to Vuhred. And why? Above all because of appropriate duration and level of difficulty. More in Other possibilities below.


Starting point 

Starting point is at the lower station of Pohorje Funicular, a part of ski-resort Mariborsko Pohorje, which is next to SW suburb of Maribor called Zgornje Radvanje. Since the funicular runs only every full hour in the summer, it is best to catch the first one at 8 a.m. Thus you have enough time to catch a train or bus in Vuhred by 6 p.m. (see INFO). Entrance for passengers with bikes is at the personnel's entrance - right side of the building.


Trail description

Described trail mostly runs along the Slovenian hiking trail, which is marked with additional number one - "1". So there shouldn't be problems with orienting. The trail is quite wide path or cart track up to Areh with some interesting sections. But from Areh on, the trail becomes a real off-road terrain with some quite demanding sections. It is mostly forest cart track with longer singletrack sections. The terrain from Areh to Rogla is really interesting with tree roots, soft sections, hard packed with rocks, etc. Rogla is another ski resort on Pohorje. They have quite busy summers as well, so you can expect crowds in this area, especially during the weekends. The last part of the crossing is also the most beautiful, since the terrain is open with nice views, pine trees and meadows. Before the final descent down to the valley of river Drava, there is also a steep and difficult climb to Ribniski vrh. It is worth the effort, since you get a really nice view at the top. The final descent is not inferior in any way to the other descents. It is interesting and demanding. Well, if you had enough of technical DH, then you can also avoid it and take macadam road (see B below). In any case you get to Ribnica, where you reach the civilisation again. There is only asphalt/macadam descent left to Vuhred, from where you return to Maribor by train or by bus. For more details see the road book. The railway station is sometimes closed. You can buy the ticket on the train in this case.


Other possibilities

A) Suggested trail is not at all the only possible crossing of Pohorje. And as said before, it is even not a complete crossing. Of course you can continue from Ribniska koca on towards Dravograd (at no.55 left and cont. on marked hiking path). But this is already extremely difficult trail, if you do it in a day (70 km, 2200 m). Personally, I think that landscape towards Dravograd is not that attractive anymore, especially from Kope on. It is more populated, some farms here and there, etc. So, if you want to add some extra kilometers to the trail, I suggest to cont. up to Mala Kopa and then descent to Vuhred on E6 marked foot path.


B) If you want to avoid the last DH from Ribniska koca to Ribnica, then you can use the macadam road (right at no. 54 ).


C) If you get caught by the dark, you can easily spend the night in one of the mountain huts along the way.


D) You don't have to use the funicular at the beginning. You can ascent via Pekre to the upper funicular station, where the road book starts. It takes approx. 2 hours on macadam road.


E) And you don't have to carry out the crossing in only one day, since there are quite a few mountain huts along the way.













 Starting point



 Riding time

 Total time

 Total ascent


 Starting height

 Max height

 Min height





51 km + 9 km*

4 h

7-9 h + 2 h**

1580 m


1040 m

1537 m

335 m

98 %



 Cart track




20 km

15 km

10 km

6 km


 Pohorje 1:50:000, PZS



 - runs every hour

 - first run at 8 a.m.

 - for info call: +386 (0)2 603 6553

   (Klub Branik - vzpenjaca)



 - from Vuhred on working days at

   2:57 p.m. and 6:10 p.m.  

 - an hour to Maribor

 - for info call: +386 (0)2 292 2160



 - from Radelje ob Dravi (3 km out

   of Vuhred) on sat. and sun. at

   3:55 p.m. and 6:15 p.m.

 - an hour to Maribor

 - for info call: +386 (0)2 823 1191





* additional distance from Vuhred to the bus station in Radlje plus from the bus stop in Maribor to the funicular lower station


** time needed to get from     Vuhred to the funicular lower station - the train or bus + bike






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