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8. The weight

The bike weight is quite important, although some say it's not. Of course you should not exaggerate with it, since it can cost you.


If you want light bike, then a bike without any suspension should weigh up to 11 kg and a hardtail up to 12 kg. If you want a fully, then you can be very happy it the weight gets close to 12 kg.


It is a fact that a 13 kg bike is quite heavy for mountain biking, since it is difficult to be carried and pushed up the hill too steep or rough to cycle.





Bar ends are used on flat handlebars only, with usually the same rise as the stem


1. Intro

2. What kind of bike?

3. For how much?

4. Where to buy?

5. How to buy?

6. The right size

7. Initial adjustments

8. The weight

9. Hardtail or a fully?

10. Obligatory accessories






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